Hi, I’m Michelle Cheatham. I currently work as an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at in . My research is on Semantic Web topics as well as topics related to cybersecurity, which I developed expertise in while working for the Air Force Research Lab. I co-lead the together with , which is a part of the . I am also part of the team developing Wright State’s new online cybersecurity master’s program.

I’ve had a somewhat winding career path, in that I worked as a civil servant at the Air Force Research Lab for quite awhile before going back to school. After seven years of government employment, TPS reports got the better of me. I quit my cushy government job and tried out various other places of employment. Eventually I landed at Wright State University, and it has been a great fit. Being an academic is fantastic — I get the opportunity to meet tons of fascinating people and talk about interesting ideas with them.

When I’m not working, I enjoy trying out new craft beers with my husband Jason or teaching my dog Shiloh new tricks (like “don’t eat the cat”).

I can be reached at firstname.lastname@gmail.com