MBA Courses

ACC 628 - Financial/Managerial Accounting
A study of the application of accounting information and services in the recognition or solution of management problems in business.
DIS 620 - Management Information Systems in Decision Making
In-depth consideration of the value of information in managerial decision making. Topics include issues in design and evaluation of management information systems, decision support systems, and business expert systems.
DIS 651 - Quantitative Analysis in Business Decision Making
A study of key problem formulation and solution procedures in business decision making. The topics studied include statistical techniques integrated in decision making under uncertainty, decision trees, queuing problems, and value of information. A major segment of the course is devoted to the study of linear programming problems, sensitivity analysis, assignment problems and transportation problems.
ECO 610 - Managerial Economics
Analysis of applications of economic theory to management decision making. Such problems as demand and cost determination, pricing, and capital budgeting are treated.
FIN 600 - Corporate Financial Policy
A study of financial management from the viewpoint of the corporate financial officer. Areas studied include capital budgeting, capital structure, financing decisions, working capital management, dividend policy, and mergers and acquisitions.
MGT 611 - Organizational Behavior
A critical examination of behavior and performance within organizations and between organizations. Special attention is paid to the problem of performance at the individual, group, and formal organizational level.
MKT 600 - Marketing Management
This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of: the role of marketing function in an organization; the types of marketing decisions and analytical procedures involved in making each decision; the overall marketing planning process; and, the impact of the social, economic, and legal environment on marketing decisions.
DIS 600 - Production Management
This course exposes the MBA generalist to the functional area of production in both manufacturing and service sectors. Topics include tactical decisions in production and operative relationships with corporate strategy. The course emphasizes operations planning and control.
MGT 697 - Top Management Leadership in a Contemporary Business Environment
Political, historical, and philosophical perspectives on the meaning and processes of top management leadership. Applications of leadership perspective to the development of organizational culture, ethics and values, stakeholder relations, business-government relations, and competitiveness.
MGT 699 - Business Policy/Strategy II
Strategic issues associated with multi-industry, multi-national, multi-business and start-up management; strategy implementation and institutionalization; planning systems.